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The Uytengsu Teaching Lab (UTL)

Mission statement: The Uytengsu Teaching Laboratory's overall aim is to offer a safe and conducive laboratory environment to enable educational excellence throughout all undergraduate and graduate teaching labs, and support student engineering club activities.

Stanford University’s Uytengsu Teaching Laboratory (also called Uytengsu Teaching Center) occupies approximately 10,000 square feet in the first floor of Shriram Center, home to both the departments of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering. The Uytengsu Teaching Lab is currently equipped with the latest lab technology and equipment to accommodate a variety of biological- and chemical-related laboratory and lecture courses. The lab is designed to be both flexible and modular, and its open layout encourages and enables synergistic, cross-disciplinary educational opportunities across the various disciplines in engineering research.

Navigate through the lab using this Matterport virtual map. Contact management for access.

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What is happening in the teaching lab?

Lab Activities

Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from past courses and activities.

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