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Centrifuge Function: A laboratory centrifuge is driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. The laboratory centrifuges work by the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration is used to separate substances of greater and lesser density.

Sorvall Legend XTR
Location: Lab 116
Specs: Thermo Scientific, Sorvall Legend XTR
Sorvall Legend ST16
Location: Lab 114
Specs: Thermo Scientific, Sorvall ST16
AccuSpin Micro 17
Location: Lab 114, 130
Specs: Fisher Scientific


Sorvall MC 12V
Location: Lab 112
Specs: Du Pont/Sorvall MC 12V


Sorvall Legend X1R
Location: Lab 118
Specs: Thermo Scientific, Sorval Legend X1R
Centrifuge 5415C
Location: Lab 112C
Specs: Eppendorf 5415C Centrifuge
Location: Lab 114, 116
Specs: Benchmark
Location: Lab 112C
Specs: Eppendorf