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How can I access the chemical spreadsheet? Students can access the chemical inventory 3 ways: ​

  1.  Check the Google sheet below. The Google sheet is updated monthly, or based on the amount of new chemicals added.
  2.  Check the excel sheet on the computer in the chemical storage room.
  3.  Paper print out of the chemical inventory list in the chemical storage room. 

How do I know if I can use the chemical? All chemicals are assumed communal unless there is a class name or student club name on the bottle. When purchasing chemicals to use in the teaching lab, label with your class name or student club name if you do not intend to share. Anything past 5 years old is considered communal, regardless of class name on bottle.

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Stanford Surplus:  The University has surplus chemicals that you can access. Contact Heather Perry at (650) 723-1308 or with the following information: your name and lab number, the item(s) you would like to receive, and the quantity of the item(s) needed. Check EH&S website for a complete inventory list and more details.